Early Years Cloakroom 12 Hook Tidy

£428.54 (£514.25 incl. VAT)

This 12 Hook Cloakroom Tidy is a perfect addition to any Early Years and or Nursery, specifically designed by Early Years staff for a more suitable learning environment. With its Upholstered Durable Carpet Seat, 12 indestructible Pegs and 4 Cubby Trays for storage, this makes for the perfect Tidy for any young education establishment. Solidly constructed specifically for Early Years Developmental age group, making it suitable for their learning environment.

  • Units Colour; Maple, Lilac and Powder Blue
  • Comes with 4 Cubby Deep Sized Trays
  • Static Unit
  • 1 Meter High
  • Additional Cloakroom Seat Tidy Available
  • 12 Hooks In a Range of Colours to Chose From

Unit Dimensions: 1000mm (H) x 1358mm (W) x 460mm (D)
Tray Dimensions: 150mm (H) x 312mm (W) x 427mm (D)

Delivered Fully Assembled with Free Delivery
Delivery lead time: Approx 3-4 Weeks