A2 BeamBox LED Light Box

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Introducing the A2 Beam Box. With a minimalist profile and simple bold lines the Beam Box is also an ideal light box for the modern designer. With a 620mm x 440mm working area and sleek edge-to-edge illuminated screen you can view and trace your plans or images like never before. Quality control and detailed testing of components are made easy with its super smooth work surface with perfectly even light distribution i.e no shadowing or light variation; just a clean white 5500K colour corrected light output providing highly accurate detail and colour reproduction. Set the light level exactly where you want it with step-less fine control of it’s touch sensitive integrated dimming switch. The LED’s run at extremely low temperature meaning that the light box does not heat up and the screen remains at ambient working temperature. It’s high efficiency LED’s are also rated for over 50,000 hours of constant use. We can also fit the Beam Box with a toughened extra hard wearing glass screen. Ideal for craft and industrial uses.

  • A2 Light Box
  • 620 x 440mm Edge-To-Edge Screen
  • Touch sensitive switch
  • Stepless brightness control
  • Acrylic Screen
  • Rear-lit LED light source
  • 5500K Pure white light output
  • 50,000 hour LED life-span
  • 24V Mains power supply
  • 1.8 Amp
  • IP67 switch rating
  • Blue switch ring

Beam Box Dimensions: 640mm (W) x 440mm (D) (Edge to Edge Screen)
Delivery Time: 2 – 3 Weeks 

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